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Boost your Bookings

You can save on marketing costs when you consider the built-in marketing tools of a third party delivery platform like Cyber Food.

By partnering with Cyber Food, you'll take advantage of our huge reach and instantly boost your online visibility and SEO without any upfront costs.

These new customers can discover your restaurant, browse your menu, and place an order all from the Cyber Food website & app. 

Manage Easly

With Cyber Food, you have many options for pickup and delivery, making it easy to adjust the platform to fit your needs.

You can manage orders through pickup and delivery through the Order Manager web & App, which can be downloaded onto an Android tablet or a tablet provided by Cyber Food at your request.

You also have the choice of updating your service area to extend beyond the default radius — an easy change that will help you reach even more customers. 

What’s more, Cyber Food gives you the option of adding photos to your Cyber Food menu, which will set your restaurant apart from the competition. You can either send Cyber Food your own menu photos.

One of the other food delivery app advantages is our user-friendly interface that allows you to update your business information easily. When you set up your food delivery with Cyber Food.

we ask for your bank account information so that we can send you direct deposits

Reach New Customers

One of the food delivery app advantages is the incredible online reach of delivery platforms like Cyber Food which can put your restaurant in front of a wide range of demographics.

When you partner with a third party food delivery provider, your restaurant will be instantly included in their restaurant directory.

You also have the option of adding Cyber Food to your delivery service, which is an online subscription for Cyber Food consumers. Just by adjusting the available options on a third party delivery platform.

your restaurant will be able to increase incremental sales based on your specific needs and budget. 

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