Where to go in Fiji for couples

Traveling together is essential for a happy couple. We must admit that couple trips are the best! Seeing new places along the side of your lover enhances the beauty and allure of that place. 

But to choose where to go is a big decision which is based on many factors. Going with a partner makes it more complex as you have to pre-plan what you would be doing together because you don't want to get disappointed or your bae to get tired of anything.

It gets worse when you are open to suggestions, and honestly, you don't want to do or go where your cousin or friend did on her vacation. Because every couple has its own set of requirements, what they chose might not be the right choice for you. So, you must know what you want and do your research.

If you are thinking about going to Fiji… You are on the right page of the web. Because we are about to tell you Where to go to in Fiji for couples, first, we would like to clarify that you choose to go to the Heaven of the Earth, especially for lovers! Fiji is the most beautiful place with a great number of alluring islands. The bigger and tougher decision is to decide what island to pick. We will suggest you not only visit one of them try a few if you are going.

Best Island for Honeymoon

Most convenient of all is Nadi, it has the biggest airport, and it is the coolest among all 333 islands. Nadi is a grand island with a lot to do in it. If it's your honeymoon, Nadi would be a perfect spot for you to enjoy and treat your lovers with. Further, we have discussed a few activities for couples to take part in at Nadi.

For people who are looking for a private setting

As mentioned earlier, there is a long list of islands in Fiji, and each one has its aura. For couples who love more personal and private space for themselves, and looking for where to go in Fiji couples? Fiji has an island as per their taste: Laucala. The resorts have special arrangements to entertain couples. The resort's patterns satisfy the privacy requirements to entertain couples. 

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Blog Published On: Aug 9, 2021