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“Changing the traditional mindset of people in Fiji remains one of the biggest challenges to date” is the upfront opinion expressed by a persistent innovator and the originator of CyberFood Fiji.

From launching a high-tech online food delivery service portal in September 2018 to marketing intelligence business solutions, the challenges for Majid Shahzad, managing director of Cyber Food Fiji Pte Ltd, have been many and varied. Despite the trials and tribulations, Majid continues to remain a resilient and persistent advocate for innovative solutions for businesses to thrive in the “new normal”.

From the comfort of your couches and with a few clicks, you can also support this local business. It’s a simple process from choosing the restaurants available on the online portal to selecting the dish you wish to order, making the payment to delivery at your doorstep.

CyberFood Fiji has teamed up with Vodafone Fiji and offers M-PAISA Online payment integration with Cyberfood Online Portal. Customers can directly pay through M-PAISA from website of CyberFood Fiji (  rather than place order and transfer money from their M-PAISA account to Cyberfood M-PAISA account. Due to this latest enhanced payment feature, time is reduced with the transfer and avoids the hassle of cash payment.

However, and for those who are still troubled with technology, CyberFood still offers a cash on delivery option.

CYBER@GE, the parent company of Cyber Food Fiji Ltd,  is the IT brainchild of Majid through which he offers intelligent business solutions ranging from ERP Solution: Point of Sale, Inventory Management, Property Management, Mobile application development and many other services.

Acknowledging Trials & Tribulations

Dealing with an Unprecedented Situation

Majid enlightens me that the business in Nadi had been drastically impacted with a halt in tourist arrivals due to the effects of the global pandemic. The uptake for CyberFood Fiji in Nadi was mostly through the tourism industry as tourists loved the online food order and delivery service on offer. This unprecedented situation required an entrepreneur such as Majid to adapt to new business strategies and he brainstormed and interacted with fellow small to medium enterprise owners to ascertain what challenges they were facing and how they were dealing with it.

On the contrary, due to the lockdown situation in Suva earlier this year, there was a dramatic increase in business orders (food delivery service) as well as grocery delivery. Overseas families were placing orders for delivery of groceries and basic essential food supplies for their loved ones. It was an opportune moment to trial and testing this feature of grocery delivery which was on the cards for CyberFood Fiji to expand on. Majid is continuing to remain resilient as the business is steering through times of change and he is hopeful that business activity will pick up in the next few months with some of his potential collaborations with other restaurants and small to medium enterprises.

HR Challenges

Majid’s main goal is to make CyberFood synonymous with Quality and Efficieny. Therefore, he has had to work long and hard in order to sufficiently train his staff members, in dealing with unexpected situations such as disgruntled customers.

Sometimes, orders placed during peak rush hours get longer to deliver than usual times, leading to disgruntled customers, who fail to understand the unpredictability or traffic congestion. This becomes especially worse if cars are piled up due to a traffic accident. Dealing with displeased customers, whilst being courteous, and still being able to explain themselves, remains one of the major challenges for Majid and his staff members. Majid has to groom and coach his staff constantly on handling disgruntled customers and situations.

Resistance in Uptake of Online Payments

Despite advocating for online payments via credit card and mobile payment portals, majority of customers prefer to pay in cash upon delivery. The uptake of online payments is still a challenge for the businesses and financial regulators in Fiji as the preferred medium of payment is still cash. Majid continues to be persistent in advocating for online payments to his customers, and hopes that the current government’s drive for a cash-less economy will help his cause.

In fact,  and as with most developed countries, a cash-less payment system is safer for both the customer as well as the Cyberfood riders.

 The Compassionate Entrepreneur

The passion to help communities grow is Majid’s advocacy. Majid is always exploring avenues to be able to give back to society wherever he can. I recall being introduced to Majid in April 2020 during a food ration drive being organised by Fiji Social Media Entrepreneurs Community (FSMEC) to help families impacted by job losses due to the global pandemic.  Majid has assisted in going out of his way to deliver groceries to the families in need in the Suva-Nausori corridor.

For fellow Fijians, if you have not yet explored this online delivery service, I highly recommend that you place an order to support this innovative venture. Join me in supporting this local business and encouraging the persistent innovator and compassionate entrepreneur to offer us more innovative services delivery.

Last The Persistent Innovator Update : Sun 13, Feb 2022
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