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Fiji is very famous for its traditional foods. Fiji’s street food is enriched with a variety of flavorful foods. Fijians are food lovers. They love to eat well. 

Now a day’s daily routine has been tightly packed with tasks. No one has time for himself to go out, especially to dine out. Dining out is not all about eating and quality food. It is about getting a peaceful and relaxing time. The ambience of the restaurant should provide this. But unfortunately, most of the places are not qualified of providing a calm environment, especially when it comes to street food. No doubt it has its charm of traditions, but yet a tired person requires more than that.

Cyber foods come in handy when you want to have a nice soothing dinner, you order your food, and we will deliver it to your home.

Traditional Foods in Fiji

Many people prefer eating at home to avoid the outside commotion. Some restaurants can deliver your food to your home. But this is the case of very few restaurants; traditional food vendors do not offer home delivery services. Cyber foods can take up your favourite traditional food and bring it to you.

There is a long list of traditional foods in Fiji. Lovo is always on top of that list. Many palaces are selling Lovo. You just have to grab your phone and order your Lovo from your fav place, and we will bring it to you. Yes! It is as easy as it sounds.

We don’t think there is any Fijian who doesn’t love Palusami. Palusami is very popular in Fiji. And there are many places which provide Palusami. You just have to name your fav place, and Cyber Foods will be at your doorstep with your delicious Palusami.

Lockdown? Don’t worry! Try Cyber Foods

COVID has been a challenging situation for everyone. People are bound to their houses. The outside activity is finished, especially the dinners and restaurants. But it doesn’t mean that you can no enjoy your favourite food.

In critical times like COVID, Cyber Foods is here to ease out your difficulty. Our team is very reliable. Driver strictly follows the SOPs, so you don’t have to be worried in that area too.

Premium Services 

Cyber Foods Provide premium quality services. We take pride in our services. The food is delivered as earliest as possible, according to the distance. The food is stored in thermalized boxes so that it doesn’t get cold when you receive it. 

You can track your order at any time of the process. Moreover, you can contact the driver directly to avoid any confusion and time wastage.

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Blog Published On: Aug 9, 2021